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The Bouligny Improvement Association

The Bouligny Improvement Association represents the residents in uptown New Orleans bounded by St. Charles Avenue to Tchoupitoulas Street, and Napoleon Avenue to Upperline Street. Our neighborhood has gone through many changes in the last few years and because of the hard work of our board, volunteers and neighbors, has emerged a vibrant residential and commercial section of Uptown New Orleans.


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Founded 1964

In 1964 the population of the greater New Orleans area was growing and 900,000.  Suburbs were expanding as was traffic to and from the city, up to 52,000 vehicles a day. A plan for a third Mississippi River bridge connecting the city to the Westbank from Napoleon Avenue to Barataria Boulevard was proposed.   The approach, in order to meet height requirements, would begin at Coliseum street.  

This proposal motivated neighbors to form an opposition that became the Bouligny Improvement Association.



The initial board set the mission statement “The Bouligny Improvement Association has been organized and it shall be operated, exclusively, to promote and stimulate social, ethical, moral, and financial values accruing to the owners of real estate within, and the residents of the area described herein and to advocate the enactment of zoning and regulatory laws and ordinances pertaining to real estate and its uses in the said area; to encourage and procure the enforcement of the existing laws and ordinances and to assist in the prosecution and prevention of all violations thereof; and generally to do any good which is incidental and necessary, or in any manner complimentary to the objectives and purposes herein set forth.”“This corporation shall also seek to protect and maintain the hereinafter described area as an attractive and permanent residential section in Uptown New Orleans.”

Over the years the BIA and its members have organized to support many neighborhood causes.  Neighbors prevented the reduction of the Napoleon Avneue neutral ground (planned to be cut by 13 feet in width)  following the Southeast Louisiana Drainage project and maintained the historic style street lights.  The BIA has provided neighbors an opportunity to give opinion on new businesses seeking permits in the area and a voice to remove blight.

Today the Bouligny Improvement Association strives to improve community value and quality of life for home owners, business owners and all residents.  The association does this through communication, events, activities throughout the year motivating neighborhood involvement and action.  

The Bouligny Improvement Association is a non-profit  organization.




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