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You can take care of those neighborhood problems

Report Issues

We want to make it easier to report and fix neighborhood problems.

Opening a 311 ticket is the answer to many neighborhood problems.  Take a photograph of the problem.  Call or go online to report clogged catch basins, report a broken street lights*, have an abandoned vehicle removed, for oversize trash pick up, order a new trash or recycling bin, and a variety of other city services.  Upload photos and provide your information to get updates via email. 

Follow up on your report and those of others in the area on the city dashboard.

* When reporting broken street light get the number off the pole to complete the form and get faster results.

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The District B staff is often a great resource to get neighborhood improvements accomplished and to report concerns.  It is most effective to contact the staff person who specializes in your area of concern.


Lesli Harris, Council member District "B"


City Hall, Room 2W10
1300 Perdido Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone: (504) 658-1020


Alison Poort, Chief of Staff

Elizabeth D. Holman, Director of Land Use

Matthew C. Schoenberger, Director of Community Engagement

Erica Wise, Director of Communications and Special Projects 

If you have issues with a neighbor or recurring illegal activity you cannot get resolved contact our NOPD 2nd District Quality of Life Officer Kelly Morel.

She can be reached via email at

or at Second District

(504) 874-5969

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